Our UWC experience

The United World Colleges are 17 colleges all around the world, in which kids from more than 100 nationalities are reunited: this is a melting pot of youth, intelligence, cultures, languages and experiences (if you want to find out more, here is an article about the movement).

The first generation of this blog is composed by 8 kids of the Class of 2018, plus 3 from the class of 2019, and we represent all the 7 UWC in Asia!

We’ve created this blog to pass down our experience to whoever is interested in it, to give an insight on a world otherwise difficult to understand. We apologise for how seldom we publish articles: life in UWC is very, very intense, and sometimes we are so overwhelmed that we forget about you. But don’t worry, eventually we always remember 🙂

The idea of a blog made by many kids was born in a dialogue between Raffaele and Elena, and many advantages were clear: from being able to keep continuity and more perseverance in publishing posts,  to giving different point of view from many UWC colleges. You can follow our paths individully and groupped by college in the section ‘One by one‘.

If you want to have some advice about the selection, even if it diffears according to National Committes, here is a report of our selection process.

Finally, if you have any advice for us, any suggestion, question about the selection process, curiosity, or if you just want to see some pictures of our experience, do not hesitate to contact us on social media!

Enjoy your journey on our blog!