The UWC Movement


The United World Colleges are an international movement which brings together students from around the world, solely selected on merit, with the aim of promoting peace and international cooperation.

UWC was founded in 1962 with the opening, in the same year, of the first college, UWC Atlantic College in Wales.
The aim was to bring together young people from the post-war conflict zones and have them act as champions of peace through education based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding. Soon, the movement began to spread and many other colleges were founded, including the Pearson College (Canada 1974), UWC SEA (Singapore 1975), UWC Waterford Kamhlaba (Swaziland 1981),…

Today the movement has expanded its borders: there are more than 60,000 students and alumni from 180 different countries, 150 National Committees (National Commissions) representing the movement in the 150 respective countries and 16 colleges in the world: UWC USA (New Mexico)UWC Costa RicaUWC Pearson College (Canada)UWC Li Po Chun (Hong Kong)UWC ThailandUWC Changshu ChinaUWC Mahindra College (India)UWC SEA (Singapore)UWC Waterford Kamhlaba (Swaziland)UWC Maastricht (Netherlands)UWC Atlantic College (Wales)UWC Robert Bosch (Germany)UWC Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)UWC Dilijan (Armenia)UWC Red Cross Nordic (Norway)UWC Adriatic (Duino, Italy).

The force that has created all this is in the UWC mission, that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future, through the ideals of international and intercultural understanding, celebration of diversity, responsibility and personal integrity, mutual respect, compassion and service, respect for the environment, a sense of idealism, personal challenge, action and personal example.

Find out more about the life in the colleges: a video that made us dream (and a little shorter one).


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