Who we are



Lorenzo is Italian and  he lived in Naples before moving to Singapore to attend the UWCSEA East campus. He love his city because Naples is literally a volcano of culture, art, food and beauty that never ceases to surprise you for its many contradictions and for its inhabitants that make it one of the most interesting cities in the world. He first wanted to be a biologist, but later, by the time, he discovered cinema. He likes sweets (especially chocolate and zabaione),pondering, slightly tossed salad and trains. Several times he is moody, he is not very sporty but he walks and explores places where he has never been to just to see and explore new things.

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Sara is a 16 years old  Italian-Eritrean. She was born and raised in Cagliari. She really likes her city, mostly for its climate and the fact that she can see the sea even from the busiest streets. Sharing to two distant cultures for her is a fortune, despite that these are linked by sad historical facts. She dreams to create something useful for those who live this cultural “coexistence” in conflict. She loves dancing, reading and listening music but her greatest passion is photography and for it, she dedicates most of the free time. When she is with her friends she likes to discuss with them what is happening in the world or she usually goes around the city and, when it is possible, they try to visit nearby locations. She is going to UWC ISAK College in Japan and she hopes to learn from this experience as much as possible regarding a far and fascinating new culture.



She has Japanese roots but she was born and raised in Milan, a city that represents her because is a crossroads of different times, cultures and thoughts. Being born between two cultures has made her a lover and ambassador of diversity and plurality. She loves dancing, playing the piano and she is interested in everything that has to do with art, universe and philosophy. Her aspiration is to study international relations at university and work to change the world.  Kanon attends Li by Chun UWC in Hong Kong.



Born and raised in the ancient and wonderful city of Rome, he is a curious philosophy enthusiast. He likes discussing everything, from philosophy to maths and physics (another great passion of his). He loves being social and spends most of his time with his friends playing football, or baking. Sport is one of his main interests and he deeply enjoys scuba-diving. What pushed him to try out for the UWC selection is in the ideals of the movement itself: the celebration of diversity and his love for travelling and discovering new cultures. At the moment, his goal is to get into a good university somewhere in the world to study physics and become… an astronaut. But don’t say it out loud!



Born and raised in Como, a city which she often criticises but actually loves. She has two sisters she’s very close to, she loves reading, dancing and being around people. She has a passion for all kinds of art and beauty itself. She likes sunsets, hazelnuts and seaside towns. Chronically late, messy and with her head in the clouds, she can’t keep her mouth shut for more than 30 seconds and she always forgets her keys. She likes the idea of leaving a tangible mark in what she does, even if it is little. In the future, she’d love to have a meaningful job to help others.

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He was born in Turin and then moved to Milan, he loves the chaos and speed of hectic metropolis. He wonders how he’ll survive without pasta, which he eats once a day at the very least. He has always his headphones on, as music amplifies his emotions. What motiveted him to try out for the UWC selection is the desire of a new and more exciting environment, in which he wishes to reach his full potential. He constantly needs to change because sooner or later everything bores him. Competition motivates him, even though he tries not to show it. His life and career goal is the most common of all dreams: happiness.

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Sofia is from Bologna, a town of which she will certainly miss the Talon park and the riverfront, where she’s spent pleasant afternoons. She loves drawing, listening to music and distracting herself with muay thay: it is a good way to get energy from the countless thoughts buzzing in her mind. One day she would like to finish reading all the books of her endless list and travel the world. She adores art, music and capture moments with photographs . She will attend Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong.

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Francesco was born in Rome, at the age of 1 he moved to Florence and then at the age of 6 he went  back to the eternal city of Rome. Being born and grown in the main capitals of the Italian Art, has probably influenced his love for beauty. He has two little sisters and one little brother, that’s why he won’t  be scared of living in a messy, young  and joyful UWC community. Francesco has the luck to speak German, that’s why he loves to speak to random tourists in town. He loves to be in deep contact with the nature, mountain biking in the wild or just sleeping in tents (only after a good campfire) in the middle of nowhere. His passion for nature brings him to love unconditionally the sciences of physics and chemistry. He attends the UWC college of Dilijan, in Armenia, a country that had always fascinated his hearth.

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Being his parents from Modena and from Genova, and having always lived in a dynamic and creative city, he’s grown as a very eclectic boy. His eclectism has soon become uncontrolled curiosity, both his greatest quality and worst lack. He thinks that travelling the whole world is only the first step. He’s fond of everything and often says that if his curiosity could help him to understand himself, it will be much easier to find his way. He hopes UWC will do that instead.

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Silva was born and lived in Udine, a little province of Friuli. She has always tried to open up her horizons by looking at a more diversified and dynamic world.
Silva is fascinated by history and the most unexpected, marvellous and profound gifts that different cultures can give us, so she immediately got into the UWC movement, whose ideals she completely shares.
She will be attending the Mahindra College, in India, which is a country where religions, cultures and ethnical groups are mixed to form a different, colourful and lively world, full, however, of spiders, snakes and insects, which terrorize her a lot.
She loves staying with the others, discussing and sharing experiences but she loves especially coffee. She can’t live without it.
Silva adores chemistry and biology too so she dreams about going to a good medicine university. However she knows that the college experience would change her point of view and lead her to take other unexpected decisions about her future.